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THE FIVE S’s To Give You An Advantage When Selling Your Home. #1


Make sure your house is clean and inviting. Inside and out.

Pick up all the trash and debris out of your yard. If it is needed rake leaves. Make it attractive when the people first pull up to the property.

Wash all the windows throughout the house and garage. It is important that the property is bright and cheery. Natural light coming through the windows will make your house feel warm and open. It helps people to relax and makes them open to making decisions. If you have window coverings, make sure the blinds are dusted and washed and draperies vacuumed. Curtains should give a frame to accent your windows through the day and privacy and coziness at night.

Replace all burned out light bulbs throughout the house and the garage. This also will make everything brighter. People like to be able to see what they are looking at.

Vacuum all carpets throughout the house. Even if carpet is old you can rent a rug machine from your local store and shampoo it. Try to get as many spots out of it that you can. If the carpet still looks bad, figure an amount in your price to cover a carpet replacement allowance.

All floors should be swept and scrubbed clean. Make them shine as much as you can. The shine will help reflect the natural light from your windows and lights. Wood floors should be shined up, do the best you can without spending too much money. Again if needed, include an allowance for all carpet and flooring in the price of your property.

The two most important rooms in your house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure they are scrubbed and shined up. The mirror in the bathroom will make a big difference, especially if the space is small. Shine up the mirror and make sure all light bulbs are working. The brighter the better. In the kitchen make sure appliances are cleaned and shined.

If you do not want to spend money on painting, make sure you remove the dirt and fingerprints off the walls, light switches, door jams, etc

It may be a little extra effort on your part but it will be worth it!!!

(to be continued)