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THE FIVE S’s To Give You An Advantage When Selling Your Home. #2


Out of all our senses, smell is the most influential. If there is an odor when the perspective buyers enter your home, they immediately start looking for things that might be wrong with the property. They tend to dismiss that particular house from their minds. Smell seems to be a deciding factor in a lot of our purchases.

There are things in our home that leave odors that we get used to that others smell. Such as dirty clothes, dirty dishes, cooking, dampness from air conditioners etc. That is one more reason to make sure your home is clean for your showings.

There are several things you can do to make your house a positive experience for the buyers and help to make your house pleasant. Place room deodorizers throughout your house. Especially if it is going to be vacant. You can place them in places that won’t attract a lot of attention. If you are still living in your home the plug in deodorizers are a good way to go. Keep the scent simple nothing too strong or flowery. Some people may be allergic to different types of flowers. I suggest something like sea breeze or another light scent for most of the house. In the kitchen an apple and cinnamon, vanilla or scents such as these.

If you know they are going to show your home ahead of time, baking something always adds a wonderful scent throughout the house. A roll of cookie dough is not very expensive and quick and easy. The scent of fresh baked cookies can set a good mood for the buyers looking at your house. You can also leave some out for them to sample.

Another good scent is lemon. Take a teapot and put either cinnamon or lemon wedges in the water. Turn on low and the aroma will float through the air. Do this as soon as you know there is going to be a showing of your house, this way it will have time to penetrate the whole house. If you do not have a teapot, a small pan on the stove, on a very low temperature, will also do the same thing. (remember to turn off stove and teapot when showing is over.) You will be amazed at how these scents give people a warm feeling. Including yourself.

(more to come)