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THE FIVE S’s To Give You An Advantage When Selling Your Home. #3


If you have access to a radio or CD player put some music on low. Not necessarily elevator music but nothing too heavy. Some cable companies have a music channel on your TV. There are usually different styles of music to choose from. As people walk around viewing your house the music filters in their mind and sets a relaxing mood.

Add a musical touch to your patio or porch with a wind chime. It’s soothing melodic sound will set your buyers at ease as they are looking at your house. If it is day when the wind is blowing hard, you might want to consider taking the chimes down. Too much of anything can be annoying.

The best thing is to try and get everyone out of the house while it is being shown. If this is not possible, make sure you or anyone, that is in the house, is not watching TV, on the phone, or conversing with each other while the house is being shown. This is distracting to the potential buyers and takes their attention away from the house. If you have small children don’t let them run around wildly while showing. Some people will enjoy interacting with the family but most people like it so they can just look around.

By adding sound when people are looking throughout the house it seems to avoid any awkward silence and keeps you from having to talk excessively. Most of the time when your house is being shown you will be gone. When you are there and are asked questions, answer them as honestly as possible. Try not to tell stories about the home or talk a lot. This makes the people think you are nervous and possibly trying to cover something up. Depending on the people who are looking at your place, they may like to talk. Let them set the pace. Let them look and bring up questions. Most of the time this is what your Realtor handles. Step back and let them do their job.

(stay tuned for steps 4 and 5)